Hi all,

I am new to a few hobbies and saw your facebook group, so thought i'd stop in and say hi!

Currently am playing warhammer 40k, with an interest in starting Shadespire and a potential interest in Necromunda and AoS. 

After playing magic on console, I have also begun starting a collection of magic cards, but have not played yet and am interested in potentially exploring that.

Finally, i'm fairly open to new things, i've recently come back to the south coast, so am looking to meet some new people and play/try some new games


Hi Dan!

We're playing boardgames Sunday from 6pm and Tuesday from 7pm (As a one off. We usually do other things.) You could pop in for a chat and discuss your interests/meet us all and decide if you want to come back Wink

First month is free BTW, so we won't be charging you.
Hi Dan

Good to hear word is getting out about us, even if it is via Facebook (a platform I'm not a fan of).

I'll set you up with full access when I get a chance but for now my lunch break is getting short.
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I have moved you up to full access membership, hope you enjoy the forum
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Welcome FlanManDan. Nice to hear from another wargamer.

40K, Necromunda and AoS are awesome, but I've not dabbled into Shadespire (yet)

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