Hi I'm Tom, moved here not that long ago and was hoping to maybe get in on an RPG group. I tend to like more story focused games like apoc world or blades in the dark. But I'm happy to play anything.
Hi Tom

Sorry it's taken us so long to approve your post. I'll get you set up with a full account now.

Have a look about and stuff.

Welcome to Dark Worlds!
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Aw i would love to play a blades in the darks game.

Welcome to the club!
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Hi Tom,

We've just started a new RP round at the beginning of this month, running on Tuesdays for 13 weeks, then we all swap groups/games/roles and three different people run three different games for the rest of the round.

If you're interested, all three of the games currently have spaces, so we can get you into one of them I'm sure.

We play a variety of systems/settings, and always try and make sure there's a good spread from round to round, so we don't end up with three of the same sort of game on offer Smile

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Hi Tom.
Hi Tom!  We love story games too!  I've played Dungeon World a couple of times and it was great.

Sometimes we drag out the likes of Fiasco and Quiet Year for one offs too and I'd like to try out more games in that vein.

If you are free on Tuesday nights, get in touch and we'll see if we can interest you in one of our current campaigns we're just starting.
Thursday evenings are RPG evening and run on a 3 month 'round' system to keep everybody mixing and so we can play a good range and mix of characters and games. The current round always has a forum dedicated for it and the organisation thread for that round is the best place to go to get a quick overview of the games being played. Tuesday nights aim to kick off at 7pm and run untill 11pm.

Sunday nights are for almost any other games. We currently have regular RPGs running for those who can't make Tuesdays, regular Guild Ball games, and have recently seen the return of two members who play various Warhammer games (likely to expand to 3/4/5). Those of us not involved in RPGs or miniature games entertain ourselves with a mix of board and card games. Sundays are normally themed (themes purely optional), start at 6pm and run until 11pm.

Links probably incoming, if I don't see you tonight (and feel free to drop in) we hope to hear from you on the forums.
Oh hi guys. I forgot I had posted this. I will try and swing by on a Tuesday and see what's up. Smile

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