Hi there, 

My name's Tom and I've been looking for a new gaming club for a while now - spotted your's online and wanted to say hi.

I'm a bit of a general gamer - played warhammer 40k for a while before dropping it for a few years - really keen to pick it back up. Similar situation with RPGs like DnD. 

Also a big fan of board and card games - also looking to get into a bit of MTG. I guess I'm keen to have fun whatever the game.

I was thinking of coming by tonight (11th) just to say hello if that's ok?


Hi Tom! You are welcome to come see us tonight if you wish, but as a heads up Tuesday is our RP campaign night sna we may struggle to get you into a game at short notice. You can still come for a chat or sit in on a group if you like? We can discuss getting you into a game in future weeks if that is what you want to do. Alternatively Sunday is our casual many things evening, and we'll definately find you something to do.

I'll get you set up so you can see more of the forum in a second, then you can see the kinds of things we get upto.

It'll be good to see you on Sunday if you can make it then, I know there are people at the club who are interested in 40K and I know there is also interest in Necromunda and Gorkamorka at the club too if you want something a little smaller and more skirmishier but still 40k. Asides from that we have a long running RPG on Sunday as well as some Guild Ball going on and there's always some kind of board or card game being played.

See you tonight.
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