Hello Again
Well, this is Holly looking to start coming back to the group on Sundays, so kinda need to be able to find out what's happening through here rather than bothering Barry, haha! If you guys can't remember, I play plenty of boardgames, and although I've stopped playing Warhammer, I've picked up playing Magic from college, so I've traded one expensive hobby for another. Also might start looking to play DnD some time in the future. Be great to see you guys again Big Grin
Hi Holly, or Yuki!

Welcome back. I'm glad you could find us.

Give me a couple of minutes and I'll give you proper access and retreive your old posts from the last forum from archive.

A stran͜ge hum͡ánoid͡ ͝that ͏got̵ ҉t͜rapped̷ ̕i̛n͝ ́t͠h́e ̷ḑa͢tab̴a͏se̶ ̨a̷n̢d çáǹ'͞t ̴s̢e̶ȩm to ͡e̸s̸ça̢pe
Hi Holly!
Warning: Might display pyromaniac tendencies.
Welcome back Smile Not much has changed with Sundays. Same old faces, variety of games. Be great to see you in attendance again!

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Hey Yuki-Chan!

I'm looking to get some Sunday D&D going on Sunday for our younger members, so you have great timing!
Welcome to the new forum
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