Hey all
Hello all,

I saw the post on the facebook page so singed up, I havnet been to the club in ages but will need to make time to come a long I mostly play Warhammer 40k (Black Templar,Skitarii and Tau)

So once again hi all,

Another Tau player! Smile
do you play anything else?
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40k Woo!
Hello and good morning!

It'll be good to have some more Wargamers at the club, I know there are people willing to play so we have to make sure to put a table aside for it Sundays again.

I'm sure more people will come along to welcome you and such but I'll get your access to the rest of the forum sorted.

Access sorted.

I'm sure you'll be able to find your way about but just to point you in the right direction Sunday nights are organised here:
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Welcome back Smile

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Welcome back Big Grin
Thank you all I'm working away atm a lot but when I know I'm around I will post I'm around if any one wants a game

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