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Hi - Drasimov - 21-09-2017

Hi all,

I moved to the area recently and have just got to the point where life has settled down enough that I have the time to look around for a gaming group. I spotted this group online and wanted to say hi and see if there are any RP groups I could slot into? Would particularly be interested in a D&D or ShadowRun game although I play most things.

I'm also keen to get back into wargaming after a long hiatus (last time I played Necromunda/40k was nearly 11 years ago now) so would be interested in what kind of a scene you have.


RE: Hi - Foxy - 22-09-2017

Hi Drasimov

Welcome to the area and to Dark Worlds!

I'm Matt and I'll set you up with access to the rest of the forum shortly.

We're got a good number of people here interested in RP and Wargaming, as I understand it we currently have 3 D&D games going on and I know there are a number of people here interested in Shadowrun, myself included. Guild Ball is the prominent skirmish game at the moment but we defiantly have people who play 40k, and who would be interested in playing more. As for Necromunda although we've yet to host a game at the club on a Friday I know there are 3 different gangs currently vying for power, if it interests you there are a couple of Gorkamorka gangs in the works as well.

Just in case you haven't seen on the old website Tuesdays are our normal RP days and Sundays we have a mixed lot of almost everything being played.

RE: Hi - Cardinal - 22-09-2017

Hi James. Good to add to our tally of James's - we've been outnumbered by Steve's for a while.

On a more sensible note, it's good to hear from another gamer...particularly a wargamer too!


RE: Hi - kingflute - 22-09-2017

Oh good, another James to convert to Dropfleet Commander...


RE: Hi - ben - 22-09-2017

I am sorry, this club already has it's full quota of Jameses. Try next year.


RE: Hi - kingflute - 22-09-2017

(22-09-2017, 08:33 PM)ben Wrote: I am sorry, this club already has it's full quota of Jameses. Try next year.


Its James', NOT "Jameses"

RE: Hi - Foxy - 22-09-2017

If we're getting another James I demand another Matthew! Big Grin

* Foxy had not totaly previously forgotten how many James there are now

RE: Hi - ben - 22-09-2017


RE: Hi - Runner 5 - 23-09-2017

Hi James!

I run a D&D group with a spare slot on Sundays. We've taken a break during September, but usually play two Sundays a month, then spend the other weeks either raising our children or mixing with some board games. We've currently only got three players due to a drop out, so a fourth would be awesome.

Otherwise, we can add you to the Tuesday roster for January for a weekly game. We play any and every RPG on Tuesdays, so D&D is not always an option, but we run two to three games at a time that you can pick from and there is usually a good mix of genres to get stuck into. Fantasy is a common theme.

RE: Hi - Drasimov - 23-09-2017

Hi all, many thanks for the warm welcome.

Kingflute: I’d be up for giving Dropfleet Commander a go at some point.

Runner 5: thanks for the offer - that sounds like it would be fun. Do you want to PM me details and let me know when the next session is?

Also for what it's worth, Google thinks 'Jameses' is correct although I'm a fan of 'the Jamesits' myself