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Hello - Spooney85 - 16-07-2017

Hi, I'm Craig, living in the fareham area through the week and am keen to keep playing. Play many tabletop games including miniatures as well as card. PlayEd a fair amount of d&d 5e as well as probably more dming of it.

RE: Hello - Foxy - 17-07-2017

Hi Craig

Sorry it's taken me so long to approve your posts. I had a bit of a hectic day yesterday so wasn't online until after the games evening.

Welcome to Dark Worlds!

RE: Hello - Runner 5 - 17-07-2017

Welcome Craig! Thank you for your patience with us yesterday. We'll make sure there is something for you to get stuck into next time you are in!

RE: Hello - TwoBands - 17-07-2017

Hi Craig. Come join us for a Sunday evening of board/card/miniature gaming and you can get to see the sort of things we play. We do a lot of different board/card games week-on-week, with some skirmish games on and off. Come along, get involved Smile

RE: Hello - Spooney85 - 17-07-2017

Sundays are tricky as I'm usually travelling back from lincoln

RE: Hello - Runner 5 - 18-07-2017

Our other club night is Tuesday, but that is RP only (variety of systems, genres and settings) and we are mid round (we rotate our games every three months, so the next round starts October). I could make enquiries about current availability if you are interested?

RE: Hello - Spooney85 - 18-07-2017

I'd be happy to run some 5e if there's spare capacity

RE: Hello - Spooney85 - 25-07-2017

I guess this is a no for Tuesdays?

RE: Hello - Runner 5 - 25-07-2017

Sorry no one came back to you Craig.

We have all the GM's we can handle for Tuesdays until October. We'll be putting a call out September time for new GM's in preparation for the new round. The only D&D we have atm is on Sundays.

RE: Hello - TwoBands - 27-07-2017

We might be able to get you a player slot for Tuesdays until the next round. We'll start calling for pitches in about 4-5 weeks, then 7-8 weeks people pick their game and we stay the next 13-week round on the first Tuesday in October. Let us know if you want to join us early or if you want to wait for the next clean start date. We have new joiners come in mid-round all the time Smile