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Hello - Gorbad - 16-07-2017

Hello, I'm Ole. Like Fleafa I'm a regular from Solent Wargamers that are hoping to pop along for some more gaming on Sundays. Especially since Ross managed to sell me on Guildball at our recent anniversary gaming day, so I'll be looking for some more games of that. Aside from Guildball I play lots of other things. Warmachine, Bushido, Eden, Blood Bowl, Epic, Drop Fleet, 40k, etc. And lots of boardgames of course.

Anyway, thought I'd say hi. I should be there tonight actually, hoping to lose another game of Guildball.  Cool

RE: Hello - Foxy - 17-07-2017

Hi Ole

Welcome to Dark Worlds and sorry it's taken me so long to approve your post so you people can see you here. I'll get you and Craig sorted with a full account in just a second.

It was good to see you last night and we're very sorry that we managed to lock ourselves into a game without knowing that you would be attending.

RE: Hello - Runner 5 - 17-07-2017

Hey Ole! Thank you for your patience with us yesterday. We'll make sure you have something to get stuck into next time you come in!

RE: Hello - TwoBands - 17-07-2017

Hey Ole. Next time you and Ben are down, just shout before hand, so we can make sure we don't get stuck in one game all night. We're planning to do lots of short games this week so we can swap around in case you guys drop in.

Be great to get some more use out of my Bushido models!!

RE: Hello - kingflute - 17-07-2017

Oh, another dropfleet player!
Ive been looking for an opponent

RE: Hello - Cardinal - 17-07-2017

Gorbad = Gorbad Ironclaw?