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Hello again - Gaz - 12-05-2017

Hello again

I've been once before just before my daughter was born then my work commitments changing drastically I've not been able to come again since, but now my job has settled down a lot I can come again.

I have a 6000 point eldar army that needs a lot more use and would love to come down on a Sunday and play a game or 2.

RE: Hello again - Cardinal - 13-05-2017

6000 points? NICE

RE: Hello again - Runner 5 - 13-05-2017

We'd love to see you! Let us know when you are coming and what you'd like to do. We don't have much in the way of active 40k playing at the moment, but we do have 40k players occasionally drop in.

RE: Hello again - Gaz - 13-05-2017

I won't be in tomorrow as I already have plans but I will come down next weekend. To be honest I only really play 40k

RE: Hello again - Foxy - 13-05-2017

Nice to meet you and welcome back!

I'm giving you forum access now. Hold on.

RE: Hello again - Cardinal - 13-05-2017

A few of us play 40k (though I've not really been to the club since my 2nd was born either). I'm sure that I can earn enough credits with my wife to allow me the occasional 40K game at the club though....Smile

I've got 4000 Tyranids (though with the current rule-set it might as well be 10 points Smile) and 5000 of Space Marines + a few other armies below 1000 points.

Also kinda waiting to see what happens with the new 40K this summer...

RE: Hello again - kingflute - 13-05-2017

Hi! I am you local, friendly representative of the Tau Empire. Join the Greater Good and prosper or cleansed from the galaxy as befits an obstacle to the Greater Good!
As well as 40k I play some of the Hawk stuff and board games.

RE: Hello again - Gaz - 13-05-2017

I won't be going every week either as my wife works one Sunday a month and I occasionally go Airsoft on a Sunday too.

I can't wait for 8th, really looking forward too everything being usable/ balanced

Sounds like there's a nice mix of armies(getting kinda bored of playing the same army repeatedly lol)

RE: Hello again - kingflute - 14-05-2017

Airsoft you say...
I play too.

RE: Hello again - Gaz - 14-05-2017

Do you go combat south